§ 110.125  FALSE ALARMS.
   Service charge for false alarms received by the city shall be as follows.
   (A)   (1)   Three false alarms shall be allowed in any 12-month period. A service charge, as set out in the fee schedule, shall be billed to the alarm holder for each additional false alarm thereafter in any 12-month period.
      (2)   Service charges shall be set by the City Council, by motion, and may be changed from time to time, by motion, as the Council deems necessary.
   (B)   (1)   The service charges, as set forth in the fee schedule, are applicable to all false alarms received regardless of whether the central answering point is the city or a private facility.
      (2)   The same charges shall apply to false alarms received from outside the city, except where that city, village or area has its own service charges for false alarms.
(Prior Code, § 23-155)  (Ord. 1760, passed 5-2-1988)