(A)   The sum of money for which such company, corporation or association is so chargeable, may be recovered of it, or its agent or agents, by an action in the name of and for the use of the city, as for money had and received.
   (B)   Nothing in this section shall be held to exempt any person, corporation, company or association, from indictment and conviction under the provisions of an act entitled “An Act To Enable Cities, Towns And Villages, Organized Under Any General Or Special Law, To Levy And Collect A Tax Or License Fee From Foreign Insurance Companies For The Benefit Of Organized Fire Departments”, in force July 1, 1895; nor under the provisions of an Act entitled “An Act To Provide For The Licensing Of Insurance Agents, Brokers, Solicitors And Company Service Representatives, And To Repeal Certain Acts Therein Named”, in force January 31, 1936.
(Prior Code, § 23-65)