(A)   The standing committees of the City Council shall be appointed by the Mayor, annually at the regular May meeting, and the first named person on the committee shall be the Chairperson thereof.
   (B)   The standing committees shall have no executive or administrative authority. Their purpose, or purposes, shall be to investigate, study, report and make recommendations to the City Council as a whole on matters pertaining to legislative or executive policy. All actions of the committees shall be in response to requests by the Mayor or City Manager, and committee actions shall be limited to the matters or activities with which the particular committee may be concerned.
   (C)   The standing committees of the City Council and the particular committees or functions with which each of said committees shall be particularly concerned, shall be as established from time to time by the Mayor and the City Council.
   (D)   The Mayor shall be a member ex officio of all standing committees and shall have the right to vote if necessary to break a tie vote of those committee members voting.
   (E)   If certain subjects come within the scope of activity of more than one committee, the Mayor or City Manager shall designate the committee or committees to which the matter is to be assigned and, in the event that more than one committee is to take a subject under consideration, the Mayor shall designate the Chairperson of the combined committees.
   (F)   The committees shall call upon the City Manager for such technical and professional advice and assistance as he or she and members of his or her staff, or department heads may be able to provide, and for all city records and other available data pertaining to the subject or subjects under consideration.
   (G)   The standing committees of the City Council shall consist of the number of alderman so designated by the Mayor from time to time.
   (H)   (1)   (a)   The Audit Committee shall consist of no more than five and no less than three members, who are appointed by the Mayor and subject to the consent of the City Council.
         (b)   The Mayor and Finance Committee Chairperson shall serve as ex officio members.
         (c)   The appointed members shall serve a maximum of three two-year terms on a staggered basis.
      (2)   The Audit Committee is hereby established to review:
         (a)   All city financial records as part of an independent annual audit prepared by the Committee;
         (b)   To serve as a review body where the City Council shall submit any question of impropriety or alleged violation of the city’s ethics ordinance to the Committee for investigation and review; and
         (c)   To serve as a review body upon the request of the Mayor and City Council.
(Prior Code, § 2-40)  (Ord. 648, passed 10-5-1964; Ord. 702, passed 5-1-1967; Ord. 1435, passed 5-19-1984; Ord. 04-25, passed 5-10-2004)