(A)   When a member wishes to present a communication, petition, order, resolution or other original matter, he or she shall, after being recognized by the Mayor, briefly state its nature before presenting the same.
   (B)   No member shall speak more than twice upon the same subject without leave of the City Council, nor more than once, in any case, until every member choosing to speak shall have spoken.
   (C)   A member called to order by the Chair shall immediately be silent, unless permitted to explain. If there be no appeal, the decision of the Chair shall be conclusive; but if the member appeal from the decision of the Chair, the City Council shall decide on the case without debate.
   (D)   While a member is speaking, no member shall hold any private discourse, nor pass between the speaker and the Chair.
   (E)   Every member who shall be present when a question is stated from the Chair, shall vote thereon, unless excused by the City Council or unless he or she be directly interested in the question, in which case he or she shall not vote.
   (F)   No member shall be allowed to leave the Council while in session, unless excused; and for attempting to do so, or for persistent violation of any other rule or order, may be restrained, arrested or otherwise dealt with as the Mayor or Council may direct.
(Prior Code, § 2-28)