(A)   The owner of any animal so impounded or the person claiming to be the owner of any unlicensed animal may redeem such animal in accordance with the provisions of this subchapter upon payment of the license fee, if unpaid, and an impounding fee as set out in the fee schedule as most recently adopted by the City Council, such fee payments to be made at the Public Safety Building, 255 West Deerpath, Lake Forest, Illinois.
   (B)   Upon presentation of a proper receipt for payment of license fee and/or impounding fee, as applicable, to the pound keeper and after payment to the pound keeper of his or her then established maintenance charge per animal for each day or fraction thereof that the animal was impounded, such animal shall be released in accordance with the provisions of this subchapter.
(Prior Code, § 6-11.1)  (Ord. 1356, passed - -; Ord. 1416, passed 2-18-1984; Ord. 03-37, passed 7-7-2003; Ord. 2016-16, passed 6-20-2016)