Notwithstanding the provisions § 91.011, the owner of an animal which has bitten any person may, in lieu of the delivery and quarantine of such animal as provided in § 91.011 above shall:
   (A)   Present evidence to the Chief of Police that the animal has been inoculated against rabies more than 30 days but less than one year prior to the biting;
   (B)   Present evidence to the Chief of Police that:
      (1)   The victim of the animal bite was a member of the family of the owner of the biting animal;
      (2)   Upon examination by a licensed veterinarian, it is the opinion of the licensed veterinarian that confinement as provided in § 91.011 would be injurious to the animal; and
      (3)   If a written letter from the victim of the animal bite gives his or her agreement to confine the animal at home rather than as provided in § 91.011.
   (C)   Have the animal examined by a licensed veterinarian who shall make an examination of the animal to determine if the animal exhibits any signs of rabies, and who shall thereafter:
      (1)   Take such animal into custody for a period of ten days if such examination disclosed any sign or symptoms of rabies and notify the Police Department thereof;
      (2)   If such examination discloses that no signs or symptoms are present, order the animal confined for a period of ten days in the home of the owner, or upon the owner’s premises, in an enclosure adequate to ensure, in the opinion of the police officer, community service officer or animal warden, that the animal will not be in contact with other persons or animals; or
      (3)   Have such animal examined for rabies by a licensed veterinarian on the first and tenth days of such confinement. The veterinarian shall, within 24 hours of each such examination, report the results thereof to the Chief of Police. It shall be the duty of the owner to ensure the making of such reports.
   (D)   No animal displaying any signs or symptoms of rabies shall be released from any confinement without the prior approval of the Chief of Police;
   (E)   If an examination of any animal discloses signs or symptoms of rabies, such animal shall be delivered to a licensed veterinarian for continued observation and/or testing;
   (F)   A member of the Police Department shall impound for the remaining period of observation any animal whose owner fails to comply with the requirements of this section;
   (G)   No dog which is running at large at the time of the bite shall be eligible for the alternate confinement authorized by this section; and
   (H)   It is the responsibility of the owner to provide upon request by the examining veterinarian, community service officer, animal warden or a law enforcement official, a certificate or certificates of vaccination, signed by a licensed veterinarian, dated, with an adequate description of the animal.
(Prior Code, § 6-10.1)  (Ord. 1243, passed 9-26-1981)  Penalty, see § 91.999