§ 155.01  PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this chapter is to promote the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the city by:
   (A)   Identifying, preserving, protecting, enhancing and encouraging the continued utilization and the rehabilitation of such areas, properties, structures, sites and objects having a special historical, community, architectural or aesthetic interest or value to the city and its citizens;
   (B)   Safeguarding the city’s historic and cultural heritage, as embodied and reflected in such areas, properties, structures, sites and objects determined eligible for designation by ordinance as landmarks and historic districts;
   (C)   Fostering civic pride in the beauty and noble accomplishments of the past as represented in such landmarks and districts;
   (D)   Protecting and enhancing the value of properties within the city by promoting the attractiveness of the city to homeowners, home buyers, tourists, visitors, businesses and shoppers, and thereby supporting and promoting business, commerce, industry and tourism, and providing economic benefit to the city;
   (E)   Fostering and encouraging preservation, restoration and rehabilitation of areas, properties, structures, sites and objects, including entire districts and neighborhoods, and thereby preventing future blight and deterioration;
   (F)   Fostering the education, pleasure, and welfare of the people of the city through the designation of landmarks and districts;
   (G)   Encouraging orderly and efficient development that recognizes the special value to the city of the protection of areas, properties, structures, sites and objects as landmarks and districts;
   (H)   Continuing the preparation of surveys and studies of the city’s historical and architectural resources and maintaining and updating a register of areas, properties, structures, sites and objects that may be worthy of landmark designation; and
   (I)   Encouraging public participation in identifying and preserving historical and architectural resources through public hearings on proposed designations, applications for changes to historic structures, applications for economic hardships and special merit applications.
(Prior Code, § 51-1)  (Ord. 2012-03, passed 2-6-2012)