§ 31.152  DUTIES.
   (A)   The City Surveyor and Engineer shall perform such duties as are required of him or her by the Charter or by the City Council, under the general supervision of the City Manager within the authority granted by the City Council. Consistent with such requirements, he or she shall prepare or superintend and approve the preparation of the following: plans and specifications for all public improvements, all surveys required by the city, all maps, plats and charts required in and about the matter of public works; all profiles, taking of all levels and establishment of all sidewalk and street grades for the city. He or she shall prepare or superintend the preparation of all necessary plans, specifications, detail and estimates required in connection with all improvements and maintenance work paid for with Motor Fuel Tax Funds, and shall have supervision over the construction of same. He or she shall also be responsible to ensure that all field notes affecting street improvements or alterations in books to be kept for that purpose and all such field notes and all original tracings shall be and become the property of the City. He or she shall superintend and supervise all public work and public improvements, subject to the control and guidance of the City Council and shall superintend and supervise all public improvements and work that he or she may be directed to perform by the City Council. He or she shall, from time to time as required by the Council, make reports regarding public improvements, the repairs of streets, bridges and sidewalks; the making of new improvements, and shall make such suggestions to the City Council regarding the same as shall, in his or her judgment, seem best and proper. As regards to the necessity and expediency of public improvements, he or she shall have the right to be heard upon the same before the City Council but shall not have the right to vote thereon.
   (B)   He or she shall also assist the City Attorney in matters under his or her supervision when requested.
   (C)   He or she shall perform all of the acts herein before mentioned except, however, such as shall by law devolve upon the Public Engineer, or the Board of Local Improvements under the Act of the General Assembly of the State of Illinois, entitled “An Act Concerning Local Improvements,” approved June 14, 1897, and in force July 1, 1897, and all amendments thereto.
   (D)   The City Surveyor and Engineer shall act as technical assistant and adviser to the City Plan Commission. He or she shall examine or superintend and approve the examination of all tentative and final plats of subdivisions presented to the city for acceptance, along with all supporting plans, specifications, contracts and other documents pertaining thereto, for compliance with the ordinances of the city and the requirements of the Plan Commission; and shall submit such plats and documents to the Commission with his or her recommendations for approval or rejection thereof and with his or her reasons therefor. He or she shall prepare or superintend preparation and approve the preparation of such studies, maps and exhibits, and assemble such data on the Plan Commission shall require from time to time. Upon request, he or she shall attend all meetings and hearings held by the Plan Commission, and, shall provide such assistants or subordinates, as required, to act as secretary of the Plan Commission.
   (E)   It shall be the duty of the City Surveyor and Engineer to assist and coordinate with the Director of Building and Zoning, the enforcement of all ordinances of the City relating to zoning. He or she shall have the power to make, or cause to be made, entry into any building or premises at any reasonable hour for the purpose of inspection when he or she has reasons to believe that a violation of the zoning ordinance exists.
   (F)   The City Surveyor and Engineer shall have the power to order all work stopped on the construction, alteration or repair of buildings in the City when such work is being done in violation of the ordinances relating to zoning. Such a stop order shall be issued in the same manner, and shall have the same authority, as a stop order issued by the Director of Building and Zoning; and a violation thereof shall be subject to the same penalties as is provided for violation of a stop order issued by the Director of Building and Zoning.
(Prior Code, § 2-155)  (Ord. 659, passed 5-3-1965)