Page 70-25
(New Section)
Add a new section to read:
(a) Application for appeal: Any person shall have the right to appeal a decision of the Building Official to the Zoning Board of Appeals. An application for appeal shall be based on a claim that the true intent of this code or the rules legally adopted thereunder have been incorrectly interpreted, the provisions of this code do not fully apply, or an equivalent form of construction is to be used.
(b) Disqualification of member: A member shall not hear an appeal in which that member has any personal, professional or financial interest.
(c) Compensation of members: Compensation of members shall be determined by law.
(d) Notice of meeting: An appeal must be filed with the Zoning Board of Appeals within 30 days after the date of the Building Official’s decision thereon.
(e) Open hearing: All hearings before the Board of Appeals shall be open to the public. The appellant, the appellant’s representative, the Building Official and any person whose interest are affected shall be given an opportunity to be heard.
(f) 121.6.1 Procedure: The Zoning Board of Appeals shall adopt and make available to the public through the Secretary, procedures under which a hearing will be conducted. The procedures shall not require compliance with strict rules of evidence but shall mandate that only relevant information is received.
(g) Section 121.7 Administration: The Building Official shall take immediate action in accordance with the decision of the Zoning Board of Appeals.”
Page 70-50
Section 210.8
Add the following sentence to the “Exception 2 (5)”:
Single dedicated receptacles that supply power to sump pumps, battery backup sump pumps and ejector pumps, must be protected by an alarmed GFCI receptacle.
Page 70-51
Section 210-11(a)
Number of Branch Circuits Add to the end of the section the following:
“The total number of openings for any branch circuit shall not exceed 9 openings for a 15 ampere circuit or 12 openings for a 20 ampere circuit.”
Page 70-52
Section 210-12
Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection (AFCI) Insert the following exception:
Exception to 210-12(B) In circumstances where the Building Official deems that it is not practical to comply with this requirement due to existing conditions, the requirement can be waived, provided every effort is made to comply with the intent of the code.
Page 70-82
Section 230-43
Wiring Methods for 600 volts Nominal, or Less
Add a new number twenty (20) to read:
“(20) For overhead service entrance cables on the outside of one and two family dwelling, only items 3, 4 or 5 above are allowed.”
Page 70-82
Section 230-50
Protection Against Physical Damage.
Add a new number seven (7) to read:
“(7) for overhead service entrance cables on the outside of one and 2 family dwellings, only items 1,2 or 4 above are allowed.”
Page 70-137
Section 300-5(A)
Minimum Cover Requirements. Add a paragraph to the end of the section to read:
“Underground installation of an electrical service cannot be located in the same trench with plumbing or gas service(s) unless the minimum distance between utility services located in the same trench, shall be a minimum of twelve (12) inches measured in a horizontal dimension. Utility services located in separate trenches shall be located a minimum of twelve (12) inches apart horizontally.”
Exception: Plumbing and electrical systems that are part of a swimming pool installation may be located in the same trench in circumstances where the Building Official determines that it is not practical to comply with the separation requirement.
Page 70-186
Section 320-12
Uses Not Permitted Add a new number (6) to read:
(6) “In any occupancy other than one and two family dwellings.”
Page 70-196
Section 334-10
Uses Permitted
Delete Items (2), (3), and (5) with no substitution.
(Ord. 14-0316, passed 4-8-2014)