(A)   General amendments.
      (1)   ICC International Energy Conservation Code. Any and all references to the ICC International Energy Conservation Code or Chapter 13 are hereby deleted and replaced with the State of Illinois Energy Conservation Code.
      (2)   ICC International Plumbing Code. Any and all references to the ICC International Plumbing Code are hereby deleted and replaced with the State of Illinois Plumbing Code, current edition.
      (3)   ICC International Property Maintenance Code. Any and all references to the ICC International Property Maintenance Code are hereby deleted and replaced with the “Lake County Nuisance Ordinance (§§ 94.01 through 94.09 and 94.80 through 94.88)”.
      (4)   ICC International Private Sewage Disposal Code. Any and all references to the ICC International Private Sewage Disposal Code are hereby deleted and replaced with the Individual Sewage Disposal Ordinance (Chapter 171).
      (5)   ICC International Building Code. Any and all references in the ICC International Building Code that has the words “fire code official” shall be changed to read “Building Official”.
   (B)   Specific amendments.
Page 1
Section 101.1
Insert the words “Lake County Planning, Building & Development” to replace “[NAME OF JURISDICTION]”.
Page 1
Section 101.2 Exception
Delete all the words that are after “detached one and two family dwellings”.
Page 2
Section 103
Delete the words “DEPARTMENT OF BUILDING SAFETY” and insert the words “Planning, Building & Development Department”.
Section 103.1
Delete the words “Department of Building Safety” and insert the words “Planning, Building & Development Department”.
Page 2
Section 103.3
Delete the last sentence with no substitution.
Page 3
Section 105.1.1
Delete the sub-section with no substitution.
Page 3
Section 105.1.2
Delete the sub-section with no substitution.
Page 3 & 4
Section 105.2
Amend Item # 1. Playhouses and similar uses, provided the floor area does not exceed 120 square feet.
Item # 6 Delete the words “and are not part of an accessible route” at the end of the paragraph.
Delete with no substitution Items 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8.
Page 4
Section 105.3
Item # 6 Delete the word “applicant” and “applicant’s” and insert the word “owner” and “owner’s”.
Page 5
Section 105.5
Delete the existing Section and insert the words:
Permit time limits. All permits shall become void if:
1. A substantial start of construction is not made within 6 months from the date of issuance.
2. Substantial work is not performed during any 6 month period.
3. Within 2 years from date of issuance of a building permit a Certificate of Occupancy is not issued.
4. Permits for above ground or in ground swimming pools are not completed after a one-year period.
5. Permits for demolition are not completed 90 days after date of issuance.
6. Permits for fences, re-siding, re-roofing, decks, electrical up grade, sheds, detached garages, screen porches and any minor alteration to an existing building that does not exceed 400 square feet are not completed six months after issuance.
Page 5
Section 107.1
Delete the words “two or more” and insert the word “three”.
Page 5
Section 107.2.1
Delete the words: “Electronic media documents are permitted to be submitted when approved by the building official.” and insert “Scale of plans shall be not less than 1/8 inch to one foot or more than 1/4 inch to one foot.
Exception: Sections or sketches drawn to a larger scale for clarity.”
Page 6
Section 107.2.5
In the first sentence delete the word “a site plan” and insert the words “three site plans”.
Page 6
Section 107.3.1
Delete the words “as reviewed for Code Compliance” with no substitution.
Page 8
Section 111.2
Delete the words “that contains the following.” And all of the numbered items with no substitution. Insert a sentence that reads “The Certificate of Occupancy shall be as prescribed by the Building Official.”
Page 9
Section 113
Delete the entire section and replace with:
“113.1 Application for Appeal: Any person shall have the right to appeal a decision of the Building Official to the Zoning Board of Appeals. An application for appeal shall be based on a claim that the true intent of this code or the rules legally adopted thereunder have been incorrectly interpreted, the provisions of this code do not fully apply, or an equivalent form of construction is to be used.
113.2 Disqualification of Member: A member shall not hear an appeal in which that member has any personal, professional or financial interest.
113.3 Compensation of Members: Compensation of members shall be determined by law.
113.4 Notice of Meeting: Any appeal must be filed with the Zoning Board of Appeals within 30 days after the date of the Building Official’s decision thereon.
113.5 Open Hearing: All hearings before the Board of Appeals shall be open to the public. The appellant, the appellant’s representative, the Building Official and any person whose interests are affected shall be given an opportunity to be heard.
113.5.1 Procedure: The Zoning Board of Appeals shall adopt and make available to the public through the Secretary, procedures under which a hearing will be conducted. The procedures shall not require compliance with strict rules of evidence but shall mandate that only relevant information be received.
113.6 Administration: The Building Official shall take immediate action in accordance with the decision of the Zoning Board of Appeals.”
Page 9
Section 114.4
Delete the words “penalties as prescribed by law” and insert the words “a fine of $500.00 per offense. Each week shall constitute a separate offense.”
Page 49
Section 310.1
Under the R-3 Group add a paragraph that reads “All two (2) hour fire separation assemblies between R-3 residential units shall not contain any mechanical or plumbing systems, unless the mechanical or plumbing system is part of a tested assembly. Electrical systems shall be allowed in accordance with the NFPA National Electrical Code 2011.”
Page 40
Section 403.1
Add a sentence to the end of the paragraph that reads “The height of the building for fire department access shall be measured from the average grade elevation to the highest finished floor level.”
Page 72
Section 411.1
Change the existing exception to number “1” and add another exception to read,
“2. A temporary use permit (not to exceed 30 days) may be issued for a haunted house in an existing structure provided the following criteria is approved.
A. A special inspection has been conducted and the report is in the office.
B. A plot plan showing sufficient parking for the anticipated customers and all structures on the property.
C. A floor plan showing the existing and proposed layout of partitions, windows and means of egress.
D. A list of all interior finishes and materials to be used for decorations and their flame spread and smoke development ratings.
E. Plans showing permanent, temporary and emergency lighting.
F. Methods of assuring continuous movement of occupants through the amusement such as but not limited to:
1) Permanently stationed supervisory personnel.
2) Directional arrows.
3) Other means.
G. Method of assuring fire protection such as but not limited to:
1) An automatic sprinkler system.
2) Fire detection/alarm system.
3) Portable fire extinguishers.”
Page 97
Section 505.2.2
Delete the words “Section 1007" and insert the words “State of Illinois Accessibility Standard”.
Page 208
Section 903.3.1.4
Add a subsection to read:
“903.3.1.4 Emergency power supply. Every automatic fire suppression system that requires or is equipped with an electric fire pump shall have an emergency generator to provide power in the case of primary power loss.
Exception. Upon submittal of documentation from the Fire Chief having jurisdiction of the area, stating that he has reviewed all pertinent information concerning the interruption of the power supply of the area and is accepting the utility provider as a reliable power supply for the fire pump.”
Page 243
Section 1006.1
Illumination required.
After the words exit discharge insert the words “and toilet rooms”.
Page 243
Section 1007
Delete the entire section and insert a new section to read:
Section 1007 Accessible Means of Egress
1007.1 Accessible Means of Egress Required. Accessible means of egress shall comply with the Illinois Capitol Development Board, Accessibility Standards.
Page 248
Section 1008.1.5
Add new subsection to read:
“1008.1.5.1 Grade Exit Discharge Doors: Where required to swing in the direction of egress travel, all required grade exit doors shall be provided with a hard surfaced area underneath the door swing.
1008.1.5.2 Stoop surface: The exterior surface shall have a slip resistant surface that has a slope not greater than 1:50 in any direction.
1008.1.5.3 Support: Sufficient wing walls and/or foundation wall is required under all stoops. Wing walls shall have a minimum of one (1) number 4 reinforcing bar located not more than six (6) inches beneath the top edge of concrete and extending downward into the foundation wall not less than two (2) feet.
1008.1.5.4 Stoop extension: The outer perimeter of the stoop shall not project out beyond the wing wall and/or foundation wall more than twelve (12) inches in any direction.”
Page 281
Chapter 11
Delete the entire Chapter and insert a new section to read:
Chapter 11 Accessibility
1101.1 Applicability. The provisions of the State of Illinois Accessibility Code shall control the design and construction of facilities for accessibility to physically disabled persons.
Page 345
Section 1608.1
Add to the end of the paragraph:
“In no case shall the design snow load be less than 30 pounds per square foot”.
Page 407
Section 1809.5
Delete from Item #1 the words “below the frost line of the locality” and insert the words “a minimum of forty-two (42) inches measured from adjacent finished grade level.”
Page 405
Section 1808.7.4
Change this section to require the top of a foundation to be a minimum of 6" above the finished grade.
Page 547
Table 2902
Delete the entire table and insert “Table B” from the State of Illinois Plumbing Code.
# 39 Page 550
Section 2902.6 (New)
Add a new section to read:
2902.6 Waste lines. All plumbing waste lines that are located in, or under concrete slabs shall be cast iron.
(Ord. 14-0316, passed 4-8-2014)