(A)   Charges and penalties shall constitute a lien upon the property pursuant to provisions 65 ILCS 5/11-139-8, and any amendments thereto or subsequent section of the state statutes, and shall be collected in the manner therein provided.
   (B)   Whenever the charges levied in accordance with this chapter are not paid within 30 days after rendition of the bill therefor, such charges shall be deemed and are hereby declared to be delinquent and thereafter the city shall have a continuing lien upon the premises and real estate upon or for which sewer service is provided.
   (C)   Every lien shall upon compliance with the conditions hereinafter set forth, become and be prior and superior to the rights of purchasers, mortgagees, judgment creditors or any other lien holder in interest in the premises and real estate.
   (D)   A penalty of the greater of $3 or 10% of the outstanding balance due per month, or any portion thereof, shall be added to all charges for sewer service not paid within 20 days after rendition of the bill thereof.
(Prior Code, § 18-16-3)