(A)   Pursuant to IC 8-1-2-103(d), the costs for the protection, storage, transmission, sale, delivery, and furnishing of water for fire protection purposes ("public fire costs") shall be included in the basic rates and charges of all customers of Indiana-American within the city in the manner and to the extent permitted by such statute.
   (B)   Effective upon the date of this change in the manner of recovering public fire costs, Indiana-American shall cease directly billing the city for public fire costs other than charges for the construction cost for new hydrants installed on and after the date of the change as hereinafter set forth.
   (C)   On and after the effective date of this section, the construction cost of any fire hydrant installed at the request of the city to Indiana-American shall be paid for by the city, but any hydrant requested by a developer to Indiana-American in response to a city requirement that a hydrant, or hydrants, be installed, shall be paid by the developer.
   (D)   Public fire costs shall also be reflected in the rates of customers located in areas adjacent to the city and within 1,000 feet of a hydrant located within the city.
   (E)   The change in the method of recovering public fire costs described in IC 8-1-2-103(d) shall be effective upon the first day of the first month following approval by the IURC of a new schedule of rates implementing the change. Indiana-American is requested to file such revised rate schedules with the IURC within a reasonable time after being notified of the final passage of this section.
   (F)   Notice of the adoption of this section, and a copy of Ordinance 6348, shall be provided by the City Clerk to Indiana-American.
(Ord. 6348, passed 10-11-04)