(A)   Declaration of public policy. The Commissioners hereby find, determine and declare that it is in the best interest of the citizens of the county to create a hospital authority pursuant to the Act.
   (B)   Creation of authority. There is hereby created a hospital authority for the county, to be known as the “Knox County, Indiana Hospital Authority”.
   (C)   Powers of authority. The County Hospital Authority shall have any and all such powers as are provided for in the Act, as now in effect and hereinafter amended, and any other powers which it may now or hereafter be entitled to exercise under state law.
   (D)   Appointment of initial directors. The Commissioners hereby appoint five persons, each a resident of the county, to serve as directors of the County Hospital Authority, for the initial terms set forth below:
      (1)   One year;
      (2)   Two years;
      (3)   Three years;
      (4)   Four years; and
      (5)   Four years.
(Res. 2012-1, passed 1-3-2012)
Statutory reference:
   Indiana Hospital Authority Act, see I.C. 5-1-4