(A)   The Department of Economic Development of Knox County, Indiana, controlled by a commission of three members to be known as the "Knox County Economic Development Commission" (the "Economic Development Commission"), is hereby created and established.
   (B)   The three members of the Economic Development Commission shall be appointed by the Board of Commissioners of, with one member selected by the Board of Commissioners, one member nominated by the County Council, and one member nominated by the Common Council of the City of Vincennes, Indiana, the most populous municipality located in Knox County, Indiana, all as provided in I.C. 36-7-12-7.
   (C)   The Clerk of the County Council (the County Auditor) is directed to transmit immediately a copy of the ordinance codified herein to the Board of Commissioners and the Common Council of the City of Vincennes for the purpose of notifying each to take the actions referred to in division (B) above and as required by I.C. 36-7-12-9.
   (D)   This section shall be in full force and effect from and after its adoption by the County Council and approval by signature of a majority of the Board of Commissioners in accordance with I.C. 36-2-4-8.
(Council Ord. 2011-1, passed 2-8-2011)