§ 110.01  PURPOSE.
   (A)   The purpose of this chapter is to safeguard public health and assure that food provided to consumers is safe, unadulterated and honestly presented. It established definitions; sets standards for management and personnel; food operators and equipment and facilities; and provides for retail food establishment and/or bed and breakfast establishment plan reviews, permits, inspections and employee restrictions.
   (B)   This chapter defines bed and breakfast establishment, conflict of interest, County Health Department, official hazard analysis critical control point, Health Officer, Hearing Officer, imminent health hazard, inspection report, operator, order, permit, person, retail food establishment; and temporary food establishment; requires construction and/or alteration plans; requires a permit and payment of permit fees for the operation of bed and breakfast establishment, retail food establishment and/or temporary food establishment; prohibits sale of adulterated, unwholesome or misbranded food; regulates inspection of the establishments; provides for compliance and the enforcement of this chapter; provides penalties for violations of the ordinance; and incorporates by reference I.C. 16-42-1, I.C. 16-42-2, I.C. 16-42-5, State Department of Health Rule(s) 410 I.A.C. 7-15.5, 410 I.A.C. 7-21-47, 410 I.A.C. 7-22 (effective 5- -2003), 410 I.A.C. 7-23 (effective 11-13-2004) and 410 I.A.C. 7-24 (effective 1- -2005).
   (C)   The County Health Department is hereby authorized to issue bed and breakfast establishment, retail food establishment and/or temporary food establishment permits, collect permit fees and penalties, perform inspections, hold hearings, order or otherwise compel correction of violations of this chapter, and is otherwise authorized to perform all actions necessary for the administration and enforcement of this chapter.
(Ord. 2004-12, passed 12-20-2004)