(A)   When the work has been performed, the person doing the work shall file an itemized bill for the work in the office of the Administrator. The Administrator shall add any costs incurred by the Administrator, adding to such a bill $50 per day for each day the Administrator or the Administrator's agent supervises the performance of services required under this subchapter. The bill shall contain a description of the real estate.
   (B)   The bill prepared in accordance with division (A) shall be served on the owner. The bill shall be mailed to the Auditor of State for any real estate owned by the state or to the fiscal officer of another municipality as defined by I.C. 5-11-1-16 for real estate owned by the state or another municipality. The bill shall request that the owner pay the bill to the County Auditor.
(Ord. 2-2011, passed 2-23-2011)