(A)   The Barrett Law statute, I.C. 36-9-36, allows municipalities to construct sanitary sewers, street lighting, sidewalks, and storm sewers. In each case, those benefited pay their share of the improvements over a ten-year period, or the cost may be paid up front.
   (B)   To begin a Barrett Law sewer project, the neighborhood may request the town’s wastewater utility to conduct an informational meeting. The utility, or its engineer, will explain the Barrett Law process, annexation, conceptual design, preliminary costs, and other neighborhood needs.
   (C)   If the neighborhood wishes to proceed, the Town Council will request the Health Department to conduct a survey of the condition of the septic systems.
   (D)   The County Sanitarian may request the Town Council initiate a Barrett Law sanitary sewer project in a neighborhood due to failing septic systems creating a health hazard.