(A)   The rates and charges shall be prepared and billed by the town monthly, as the town may deem appropriate and as determined by the by-laws and regulations of the town as hereinafter provided for, and shall be collected in the manner provided by law and ordinance. Said rates and charges will be billed to the tenant or tenants occupying the property served unless otherwise requested in writing by the owners, but such billing shall in no way relieve the owner from liability in the event payment is not made as herein required.
   (B)   The owners of the properties served, which are occupied by tenants, shall have the right to examine the collection records of the town for the purpose of determining whether such rates and charges have been paid by such tenants, provided that such examination shall be made in the office in which said records are kept and during the hours that such office is open for business.
   (C)   Such rates and charges, except as hereinbefore provided, shall be based upon the quantity of water used on or in the property or premises as the same is measured by the water meter therein used, and said metered water usage shall be determined from the meter readings as furnished by the water utility serving the town.
   (D)   Rate schedule.
      (1)   Except as herein otherwise provided, sewage rates and charges shall be based on the quantity of water used on or in the property or premises subject to such rates and charges, as the same is measured by the water meter there in use.
      (2)   The water usage schedule on which the amount of said sewage and charges shall be determined shall be as follows:
Quantity of Water Used per Month
Charge per 1,000 Gallons
First   2,000 gallons per month
Next   3,000 gallons per month
Next    5,000 gallons per month
Next   25,000 gallons per month
Next   40,000 gallons per month
Over   75,000 gallons per month
      (3)   The minimum charge for sewage service, where the user is a metered water consumer, shall be based on the meter charge as follows:
Meter Size
Per Month
5/8 and 3/4 inch meters
1 inch meters
1½ inch meters
2 inch meters
3 inch meters
4 inch meters
       (4)   There shall be a tap fee for sewer per connection shall be $500.
      (5)   Cost for sewer inspection shall be $25.
      (6)   Service calls. On an as available basis, during regular times shall be $25 per hour. Overtime calls shall cost $50 per hour.
      (7)   For the services rendered to the town, said town shall be subject to the same rates and charges as hereinbefore provided, or to charges and rates established in harmony therewith.
      (8)   Rates and charges to users outside the corporation limits of the town shall be billed at 150% of the rates and charges provided to users within the corporation limits.
(Ord. 3-06-1, passed 3-20-2006; Ord. 4-09-1, passed  - -2009; Ord. 12-09-1, passed 12-14-2009; Ord. 6-2017-1, passed 6-5-2017; Ord. 5-2018-1, passed 5-22-2018)