In the event real property or control over same is sold, transferred or assigned to another (hereinafter referred to as the "transferee") by any person or entity theretofore responsible for payment of changes (hereinafter referred to as the "transferor"), it shall be the responsibility of both the transferor and transferee to notice, in writing, the village of the intended transfer no less than five working days prior to the date of the intended transfer of the real property with a final meter reading. After the village has verified the meter reading a final bill will be issued for all charges owed the village under § 51.02, § 51.03, and § 51.05. The village certification shall be obtained for all real property that is sold and connected to the village potable water system and/or sewer system. Such certification shall be evidence that all fees owed the village have been paid in full at the time of issuance of such certification. It is the obligation of both the owner and prospective buyer of the relevant real estate to obtain a village certification. Upon full payment thereof, the transferor shall thereafter be relieved of any further responsibility for such service. In the event the village is not so notified of such transfer, the transferee shall be deemed jointly and severally liable with the transferor for all unpaid charges of the premises incurred up to and including the date of the transfer, as well as thereafter. No existing service shall be deemed transferable without a new application being submitted to the village and payment in full of all outstanding charges and fees assessed to the existing account for the subject property.
(Ord. 2019-11, passed 10-7-2019)