(A)   Stormwater management and drainage facilities shall be constructed and functional prior to commencing mass grading and as described in the typical construction sequencing below. The facilities shall be maintained during construction. All storm sewers that are or will be functioning during construction shall be protected by appropriate sediment control measures. Any sediment captured in the stormwater management facilities shall be removed and disposed of in an appropriate manner by the applicant before project completion in order to maintain the design volume of the facilities.
   (B)   The following typical construction sequencing shall be followed:
      (1)   Installation of soil erosion and sediment control measures.
      (2)   Remove trees where necessary.
      (3)   Construct sediment trapping devices.
      (4)   Construct detention facilities and outlet control structures with restrictors and temporary perforated risers.
      (5)   Strip and stockpile topsoil and grade site.
      (6)   Temporarily stabilize topsoil stockpiles.
      (7)   Install storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water and associated inlet and outlet protection.
      (8)   Permanently stabilize detention basins with seed and erosion control blanket.
      (9)   Temporarily stabilize all areas including lots that have reached temporary grade.
      (10)   Install roadways.
      (11)   Permanently stabilize all outlot areas.
      (12)   Construct structures and grade individual lots.
      (13)   Permanently stabilize lots.
      (14)   Remove all temporary soil erosion and sediment control measures after the site is stabilized with vegetation.
(Ord. 07-02, passed 4-16-2007)