(A)   Wetlands shall be protected from damaging modifications and adverse changes in runoff quality and quantity associated with land developments.
   (B)   In addition to the other requirements of this chapter, the following requirements shall be met for all developments whose drainage flows into wetlands:
      (1)   Existing wetlands shall not be modified for the purposes of stormwater detention unless it is demonstrated that the existing wetland is low in quality and the proposed modifications will maintain or improve its habitat and ability to perform beneficial functions.
      (2)   Existing storage and release rate characteristics of wetlands and other depressional storage areas shall be maintained, and the volume of detention storage provided to meet the requirements of this section shall be in addition to this existing storage.
      (3)   The existing wetlands shall be protected during construction by appropriate soil erosion and sediment control measures and shall not be filled.
      (4)   Site drainage patterns shall not be altered to substantially decrease or increase the existing area tributary or flow rates to the wetland.
      (5)   All runoff from the development shall be routed through a preliminary detention/sedimentation basin designed to provide a minimum 24-hour hydraulic detention time before being discharged into the wetland. This basin shall be constructed before property grading begins.
      (6)   A vegetated buffer area of at least 25 feet in width, preferably vegetated with native plant species, shall be maintained or restored around the periphery of the wetland.
(Ord. 07-02, passed 4-16-2007)