96.01   Purpose
   96.02   Creation
   96.03   Administrative composition
   96.04   Notice of violation
   96.05   Service and notice of hearing
   96.06   Administrative hearings
   96.07   Final determination of liability
   96.08   Judicial review
   96.09   Enforcement of judgment
   96.10   Schedule of fines/penalties
   96.11   Failure to appear; notice
   96.12   Impending suspension of driver’s license; notice
   96.13   Immobilization/towing and impoundment of motor vehicles
   96.14   Request for hearing in the case of towing and impoundment of motor vehicles
   96.15   Notice affixed to vehicle in cases of immobilization
   96.16   Towing of immobilized vehicle
   96.17   Postimpoundment notice
   96.18   Hearing in case of vehicle immobilization
   96.19   Fines and fees for immobilization
   96.20   Towing services
   96.21   Eviction, rights of occupants
   96.22   Defenses to building code violations
   96.23   Sanctions applicable to the building owner
   96.24   Federal government contracts under the building code