The system of administrative adjudication of any village ordinance violation authorized to be adjudicated hereunder, shall be in accordance with the following procedures:
   (A)   Violation notice of any ordinance violation including violations of the village motor vehicles and traffic code other than any offense under the Illinois Vehicle Code or a similar offense that is a traffic regulation governing the movement of vehicles and except for any reportable offense under Section 6-204 of the Illinois Vehicle Code (hereinafter the “village motor vehicle code”), shall be issued by the persons authorized under this code and shall contain information and shall be certified and constitute prima facie evidence of the violation cited as hereinafter set forth.
   (B)   All full time, and part time officers, as well as other specifically authorized individuals of any village department shall have the authority to issue violation notices.
   (C)   Any individual authorized hereby to issue violation notices and who detects an ordinance violation authorized to be adjudicated under this chapter or a violation of any section of any village ordinance, is authorized to issue a notice of violation thereof and shall make service thereof as is hereinafter set forth.
   (D)   The violation notice shall contain, but shall not be limited to, the following information:
      (1)   The name and address of the party violating the ordinance, if known.
      (2)   The date, time, and place of the violation (date of issuance).
      (3)   The type and nature of the ordinance violated.
      (4)   Vehicle make and state registration number (if applicable).
      (5)   The penalty which may be assessed for failure to appear.
      (6)   The names and witnesses of the violation.
      (7)   The signature and identification number of the person issuing the notice.
      (8)   The docket number, date, and location of the adjudicating hearing of ordinance violations, if applicable, other than violations of the village motor vehicle code, the legal authority and jurisdiction under which the hearing is to be held, and the penalties for failure to appear at the hearing.
   (E)   The date of the hearing shall not be less than 30 nor more than 60 days after the violation is reported.
(Ord. 11-10, passed 11-21-2011)