§ 52.51  USE OF WATER.
   (A)   Building purposes.  Persons desiring to use village water for building purposes shall make application therefor to the Superintendent on a form provided by him or her for that purpose. Upon a permit being granted, the service pipe shall be carried, at the expense of the applicant, to the inside of the curb line, where a proper village cock with cast iron box shall be placed with pipe leading to the surface and a faucet placed at the end thereof above the surface.  The faucet shall be kept covered, and when not in use locked.  When the building is completed, the faucet and pipe shall be taken up as far as the village cock, and the water shut off at that point.  All connections and branches and plumbing and plumbing work fixtures in any manner joined or attached thereto shall at all times be kept in good repair and protected from damage and injury at the expense of the applicant or person or corporation using the same.  This shall not be construed to prevent the person being responsible hereunder for the branches and all plumbing and plumbing work and fixtures connected therewith.
   (B)   Water to be used by person having connection.  No person other than the one paying for the use of the water through any such connections including the family of the person, shall take or use any water passing through the connection.  It shall be unlawful for the person so paying for the water to suffer or permit any such other person or corporation to take or use the water unless first permitted to do so by the Superintendent.  This division shall not apply to persons taking and immediately drinking the water, nor shall it apply to connections where the water passes through a meter and is paid for at meter rates.
   (C)   Permission to turn on. No water shall be turned on for a connection except when meters are used until the applicant shall have paid the rent or rate due.  All plumbers are strictly prohibited from turning the water into the connections unless first permitted to do so by the Superintendent.  This shall not be construed to prevent any plumber admitting the water temporarily to test the pipes and plumbing work, for which purpose only the water may be turned on.
   (D)   Permit required to use hose. No hose shall be used unless a permit to use the same shall have been first obtained from the Superintendent.  No such hose shall be more than three-fourths of an inch in diameter.  Except when meters are used and all water used is paid for at meter rates, no street, sidewalk, lawn or garden sprinkling shall be done for more than five hours in any one day, and only between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. in the morning and 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. in the afternoon.
   (E)   Water not to run except when used.  No water shall be permitted to run through any hydrant, tap, hose, plumbing or plumbing work or fixture of any kind when the same is not in use unless the water passing through the connection supplying the same shall be provided with a meter and all water paid for at meter rates.  The village at all times reserves the right to place a meter so that all water passing through any such connection may be measured and paid for at meter rates.
   (F)   Term of taking water. Every person or corporation obtaining water hereunder except where meters are used shall do so upon the express condition that the term of this taking shall not be less than one year commencing on March 1 in each year.  All connections made prior to March 1 shall be charged pro rata from the day the water is turned on until March 1 following, in addition to the term of one year.  Persons or corporations desiring to discontinue the use of the water shall give notice thereof in writing to the Superintendent on or before the day to which the rent has been paid, otherwise the rent for the ensuing quarter shall be charged and paid for by them.
(1983 Code, § 7-1-9)  Penalty, see § 52.99