(A)   All persons desiring water service within the village shall apply to the Village Clerk for water service and a meter with which to measure the water used in the premises, and shall at the time of the application pay to the Village Clerk a sum equal to the actual cost, to the village, of the water meter to be installed.  The water meter to be installed shall be of a type and in accordance with specifications as shall be required by the village under resolution of the Village Board as then in effect.  Nothing contained herein shall require the village to install a water meter where the Village Clerk deems the installation thereof to be difficult or impossible.
   (B)   It shall be unlawful for any person to use water from the facilities of the village without first having installed, in the premises upon which the water shall be used, a suitable water meter approved and furnished by the village authorities, unless the Village Clerk previously deems the installation thereof to be difficult or impossible.
   (C)   Water meters installed under the provisions of this section shall at all times remain the property of the village. By making application for a meter the applicant does permit, allow and consent to the proper representative of the village to enter in at all reasonable times and upon the premises where the water meter is installed for the purpose of removing, repairing and reading the water meter without further notice and without further process of law.
   (D)   Upon the discontinuance of the use of water service by the applicant and upon notification to the Village Clerk by the applicant of his or her discontinuance of the water service and removal from the premises wherein the water meter is installed, the water service will be discontinued and the deposit herein provided for shall be refunded to the applicant subject only to the payment to the village of all then existing water and sewer charges unpaid at the time of the discontinuance of the water service.
   (E)   When the user and the depositor hereunder is also the owner of the premises for which the deposit is made and the depositor shall have paid all charges assessed for water and sewer rentals within 60 days of the date charges therefor are submitted by the village for a period of four successive quarters, the village shall refund the deposit so made, provided that in the event the ownership or occupancy of the premises shall change thereafter, the deposit requirements thereof shall be reinstated.
   (F)   Those persons receiving water service where no water meter is installed shall be charged the minimum charge for water and sewer service.
(1983 Code, § 7-1-2)  (Ord. 87-3, passed - -; Ord. 02-13, passed 6-3-2002)  Penalty, see § 52.99