In the event any owner of any lot or premises, upon which a condition described in this subchapter exists, fails to remedy the condition within 15 days after notification, the town may, in its own discretion, do such work or make improvements as are necessary to correct, remedy, remove such condition or cause the same to be done, paid therefor and charge the expenses incurred thereby to any and all owners of such lot, in joint and severable liability for any and all expenses incurred. The doing of such work shall not relieve such person from prosecution or failure to comply with such notice. Such expenses shall be assessed against the lot or real estate upon which the work was done or the improvements made. The expenses shall be added to the annual tax levied on the property and shall be collected in the same manner as the annual property tax.
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Statutory reference:
   Ordinances related to upkeep of property, see S.C. Code § 5-7-80