Within the town, it shall be unlawful to do any of the following acts:
   (A)   Offer for sale or sell a permissible firework to children under the age of 16 years unless accompanied by a parent or guardian;
   (B)   Explode, ignite, or discharge a firework within 600 feet of any church, hospital, asylum, or public school;
   (C)   Explode, ignite, or discharge a firework within 75 feet of where any other firework is stored, sold, or offered for sale;
   (D)   Explode, ignite, or discharge a permissible firework within or throw a firework from any vehicle;
   (E)   Place or throw any ignited fireworks into or at any vehicle;
   (F)   Explode, ignite, or discharge a firework in any public gathering or at any public assemblage. Public locations or public assemblage as used in this section, shall, in addition to the usual and accepted meaning and without in any way limiting the comprehensive terms, include parades, parking lots used by the general public, whether of public or private ownership, drive-ins, stores, shopping centers, theaters, public entertainments, or public displays;
   (G)   Explode, ignite, or discharge a firework in a garage, filling station, warehouse, storage area or any other location at which gasoline, oil, gas, cotton, hay, or any other inflammatory material is displayed, sold, utilized, or stored;
   (H)   Explode, ignite, or discharge a firework during a red flag alert, as declared by the town as a drought condition or burning ban;
   (I)   Explode, ignite, or discharge a firework on property not owned or under the control of the person exploding, igniting, or discharging the firework, except that the owner of record may grant express permission for the use of said property on which to explode, ignite, or discharge a firework;
   (J)   Fail to collect and safely dispose of any spent component or debris of any exploded, ignited, or discharged firework, regardless of whether such component or debris is on public or private property;
   (K)   Explode, ignite, or discharge a firework in violation of the town noise regulations § 133.05; or
   (L)   Knowingly and willfully discharge a firework from, in, or into a Fire Prohibited Zone, as defined within this subchapter.
(Ord. 2014-10, passed 9-15-14)