(A)   The police dispatcher shall upon the request of the owner/driver of a vehicle damaged or disabled on a street/highway or public place, call any wrecker company having a business license issued by the town.
   (B)   If no particular wrecker company is requested by the vehicle owner/driver, the police dispatcher shall upon the direction of the investigating officer(s) call a wrecker from the wrecker rotation list.
   (C)   No wrecker company will be able to tow for another company once called. If wrecker is unable to respond, the next wrecker on rotation list will be called.
   (D)   Wrecker companies unable to respond when called will forfeit the tow. A notation will be entered on the rotation list. The next wrecker on the list will be contacted to respond.
   (E)   After five consecutive forfeits, wrecker company will be taken off rotation list.
(Ord. 94-16, passed 1-16-95)