(A)   To afford reasonable and prompt response time it is the policy of the Police Department to utilize only the services of wrecker companies located within the corporate town limits or within 20 minutes of the town that express a desire to participate in the Department's wrecker rotation program. Wrecker companies desiring to participate must meet all the standard conditions and agree to comply with those conditions.
   (B)   The Police Department's rotation program is controlled and regulated by the Chief of Police through the establishment of requirements, rules, regulations and schedule of maximum fees for services. Participation in the program is on a strictly voluntary basis.
   (C)   Wrecker companies applying for the right to participate in the rotation program, freely and willingly subject themselves to compliance with the requirements, rules, regulations and schedule of maximum fees for services as established.
   (D)   The Chief of Police or his designee will administer the wrecker rotation program. The designee, upon approval of the Chief, shall have the authority to suspend a wrecker company from participating in the rotation program, if it is found not to be in compliance with the requirements, rules, regulations and schedule of fees for authorized services.
   (E)   The wrecker shall be equipped with the following:
      (1)   Each wrecker shall be equipped with oscillating, rotating or flashing amber color emergency lights mounted on the cab or boom brace of the truck.
      (2)   Each wrecker shall be equipped with a five pound or larger fire extinguisher rated for class A, B and C fires. The extinguisher shall be permanently mounted on the wrecker to ensure each access. The extinguisher must be annually certified and be fully charged or recharged as necessary.
      (3)   Each wrecker shall carry as standard equipment: tow sling, tow bar, towing dollies, safety chains, wrecker bar, heavy duty broom, shovel and container for debris, and any other equipment necessary to the safe and efficient operations of the wrecker.
      (4)   Each wrecker and its equipment shall be modern and in excellent mechanical condition.
      (5)   Any wrecker(s) on the rotation list will be required to be registered with the town.
   (F)   If a wrecker or any of its equipment fails to meet the above requirements the designated officer will disapprove the wrecker company. In that event the company may make repairs as needed, and resubmit its requests.
   (G)   Upon passing requirements, all wrecker companies located within the corporate limits or 20 minutes of town meeting the requirements of all town zoning, rules, regulations, laws and upon issuance of a town business license may apply for inclusion on the Department's rotation list.
   (H)   Each wrecker service shall be required to inspect its wrecker(s) and equipment monthly to ensure continuing compliance. Wrecker(s) or equipment which do not pass requirements shall be taken out of operation by the wrecker service until such time as repairs are made or defective equipment has been repaired.
   (I)   In addition to the minimum requirements to conduct a wrecker business within the town rotation list applicants shall:
      (1)   Provide wrecker and motor vehicle storage services to the town 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
      (2)   Arrive at the requested service location within 20 minutes of notification by the Police Department.
      (3)   Remove any debris, including but not limited to glass, and parts from the accident scene where service is provided.
      (4)   Maintain a motor vehicle storage facility of sufficient size and design to ensure the secure storage of all motor vehicles towed. There shall be an operator on call capable of responding to requests for wrecker service as well as an attendant available for the release of vehicles to the owner(s) or responsible driver during normal business hours, usually 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. seven days a week. If any vehicle storage facility is located outside the corporate limits, it shall be within a reasonable distance to allow minimal inconvenience for owners of towed and stored vehicles wishing to pick up vehicle(s). The determination of a "reasonable distance" will be solely at the discretion of the Police Department; however, generally it would be within the 20 minutes response time area from any point within the town.
      (5)   The wrecker company shall take all necessary precautions to protect motor vehicles and personal property contained therein from theft or damage until property released to the rightful owner(s). The wrecker company shall be responsible for any theft, vandalism or damage caused to vehicle(s) towed/stored.
      (6)   Minimum standards for equipment:
         (a)   At least one wrecker of not less than one ton in size with dual rear wheels and booster brakes.
         (b)   A power operated winch line and boom, with a factory rated lifting capacity, of not less than 8,000 pounds single line capacity.
         (c)   Standard equipment: town sling, wheel lift or cradle devices, towing dollies, safety chain, wrecker bar, fire extinguisher, flood lights to the rear, heavy duty broom, shovel, containers for debris and approved warning devices.
      (7)   Heavy duty wrecker (optional):
         (a)   Wrecker not less than 2 tons in size.
         (b)   Equipped with a power operated winch, winch line and boom, with a factory rated lighting capacity of not less than 32,000 pounds, single or double line capacity and tow sling.
         (c)   Safety chains, fire extinguisher, flood lights, heavy duty broom, shovel, containers for debris and approved warning devices.
   (J)   Any deviation from the terms or requirements of this chapter or a failure to provide service as stipulated herein may result in suspension from the rotation list or termination as deemed appropriate by the town.
(Ord. 94-16, passed 1-16-95)