§ 116.05 EXCEPTIONS.
   (A)   A towing vehicle owned or operated by a licensed garage in this town solely for the purpose of towing vehicles to its premises for purpose of having them repaired or serviced on the premises by the employees of the garage.
   (B)   Transient wreckers moving disabled vehicles through the town streets to or from another location from outside the corporate limits.
   (C)   Automobiles, jeeps, pick-ups or like vehicles, not equipped with any special wrecker equipment but used solely for light towing of stranded or repossessed vehicles in transit.
   (D)   Temporary storage of a disabled vehicle on the premises of the licensed owner of the vehicle if in compliance with zoning laws, but his exemption shall not apply to any premises owned by, leased to or under the direct or indirect control of any licensed wrecker, or as to which the licensee has right of possession.
   (E)   Any wrecker vehicle of the federal or state government or any subdivision or agency thereof.
(Ord. 94-16, passed 1-16-95)