When the license official determines:
      (1)   A license has been mistakenly or improperly issued or issued contrary to law;
      (2)   A licensee has breached any condition upon which the license was issued or has failed to comply with the provisions of this chapter;
      (3)   A licensee has obtained a license through a fraud, misrepresentation, a false or misleading statement, or evasion or suppression of a material fact in the license application;
      (4)   A licensee has been convicted within the previous ten years of an offense under a law or ordinance regulating business, a crime involving dishonest conduct or moral turpitude related to a business or a subject of a business, or an unlawful sale of merchandise or prohibited goods;
      (5)   A licensee has engaged in an unlawful activity or nuisance related to the business; or
      (6)   A licensee is delinquent in the payment to the municipality of any tax or fee,
the license official may give written notice to the licensee or the person in control of the business within the municipality by personal service or mail that the license is suspended pending a single hearing before Council or its designee for the purpose of determining whether the suspension should be upheld and the license should be revoked.
   (B)   The written notice of suspension and proposed revocation shall state the time and place at which the hearing is to be held, and shall contain a brief statement of the reasons for the suspension and proposed revocation and a copy of the applicable provisions of this chapter.
(Ord. 2004-05, passed 7-19-04; Am. Ord. 2021-07, passed 1-14-22)