(A)   The owner, agent, or legal representative of every business subject to this chapter, whether listed in the classification index or not, shall register the business and make application for a business license on or before the due date of each year; provided, a new business shall be required to have a business license prior to operation within the municipality, and an annexed business shall be required to have a business license within 30 days of the annexation. A license for a bar (NAICS 722410) must be issued in the name of the individual who has been issued the corresponding state alcohol, beer, or wine permit or license and will have actual control and management of the business.
   (B)   Application shall be on the then-current standard business license application as established and provided by the Director of the South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office and shall be accompanied by all information about the applicant, the licensee, and the business deemed appropriate to carry out the purpose of this chapter by the license official. Applicants may be required to submit copies of portions of state and federal income tax returns reflecting gross receipts and gross revenue figures.
   (C)   The applicant shall certify under oath that the information given in the application is true, that the gross income is accurately reported (or estimated for a new business) without any unauthorized deductions, and that all assessments, personal property taxes on business property, and other monies due and payable to the municipality have been paid.
   (D)   The Municipality shall allow application, reporting, calculation, and payment of business license taxes through the business license tax portal hosted and managed by the South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office, subject to the availability and capability thereof. Any limitations in portal availability or capability do not relieve the applicant or licensee from existing business license or business license tax obligations.
(Ord. 2004-05, passed 7-19-04; Am. Ord. 2021-07, passed 1-14-22)