(A)   The Zoning Administrator, after review and recommendation by the Planning Commission, subject to final approval by the Village Council, may authorize special uses in this district which are found to be appropriate and compatible with the character of the area, and which shall be subject to special requirements as the Planning Commission and Village Council may consider necessary to protect adjacent property and prevent.
   (B)   However, any request for special use permit shall be subject to the requirements for review and approval as set forth in §§ 152.228 and 152.229.
   (C)   (1)   Farm equipment dealers;
      (2)   Contractors' motorized equipment;
      (3)   Auto body repair and auto paint shops;
      (4)   Oil-field related services; and
      (5)   (a)   Mini-storage buildings, provided, however, that no business activities other than rental of storage units shall be conducted on the premises;
         (b)   No outside storage, except as noted in this chapter; and
         (c)   No storage of explosive, radioactive, or hazardous storage cubicles shall be equally distributed throughout the storage area.
      (6)   A marihuana grower as authorized by Chapter 154 ;
      (7)   A marihuana processer as authorized by Chapter 154 ;
      (8)   A marihuana safety compliance facility as authorized by Chapter 154 ;
      (9)   A marihuana secure transporter as authorized by Ordinance 17-03 of the Village of Kingsley (see Chapter 154 ); and
      (10)   Taverns, bars, and motels.
   (D)   Any permit issued for the uses identified in § 152.157(C)(6)-(9) may not be assigned or transferred to any person unless the assignee or transferee has submitted an application, all required fees under this section are paid and has been granted a village operating license. No permit issued under this section is transferable to any other location except for the permitted property. A permit alone shall not allow operations at a marihuana facility. In order to operate on a permitted property a licensee must obtain a village operating license for the specific marihuana facility that has been permitted for that use. A permit shall be issued only if the applicant has a current, valid village operating license or is requesting a village operating license for a permitted property with written permission of the permit holder. The village operating license must be renewed annually.
(Ord. passed 10-23-1978, § 12.03; Am. Ord. 2017-02, passed 11-13-2017)