5.01.150: REVOCATION:
Any license issued pursuant to this chapter may be revoked by the city council if the holder or any employee violates any zoning law of the city applicable to the business for which the license was issued. Such revocation must be preceded by notice in writing to the licensee from the clerk, informing the licensee that the council has ordered the holding of a public hearing at a date and time certain, not less than ten (10) days from the date of such notice, at which hearing the licensee will be required to appear personally and show cause why the license should not be revoked. At such hearing the licensee may be represented by counsel, may testify personally, may call witnesses and may cross examine any witnesses called by the city. Should the council determine that such license should be revoked, it shall pass a motion to that effect, and such license shall thereupon be revoked; provided, however, that no such motion shall be deemed passed without the affirmative vote of one-half (1/2) plus one of the members of the full council. (Ord. 541 § 1, 2007)