5.01.020: DEFINITIONS:
For the purposes of this chapter:
BUSINESS OR OCCUPATION: All activities, occupations, callings, trades, pursuits, or professions located or engaged in, within the city with the object of gain, profit, benefit or advantage. Each business location shall be deemed a separate business unless it is a specific annex to the main location of the business.
EMPLOYEE: Any person employed at any business location within the city, and any person furnishing or performing services within the city. It shall include all persons who are self-employed, and shall include part time employees.
ENGAGING IN BUSINESS: Commencing, conducting, or continuing in any business or occupation, the exercise of corporate and franchise powers, and the liquidating of a business, where the liquidators hold themselves out to the public as conducting such business when he does one act of:
   A.   Selling any goods or performing any services.
   B.   Soliciting business or offering or holding out goods or services for sale or hire.
   C.   Acquiring or using any vehicle or any premises in the city for business purposes.
   D.   Delivery of any goods, either at wholesale or retail, unless licensed under another section of this code.
PREMISES: All lands, structures, places, equipment, and appurtenances connected or used therewith in any business, and also any personal property, including any vehicle which is either affixed to or is otherwise used in connection with any such business conducted on said premises.
RETAILER: Any person engaged in the sale of commodities to the consumer. (Ord. 541 § 1, 2007)