The council shall establish a schedule of fees, charges and expenses and collection procedure for zoning permits, amendments, appeals, variances, special use permits, plan approvals, and other matters pertaining to the administration and enforcement of this title requiring investigations, inspections, legal advertising, postage, and other similar matters. The schedule of fees may be altered or amended by only the council. Until all applicable fees, charges and expenses have been paid in full, no action shall be taken on an application or appeal.
In addition the applicant or appellant shall pay applicable costs of all transcripts, publication costs, legal costs, engineering and similar costs incurred by Kimberly with regard thereto. Also, if a development, phasing or other agreement is required; the applicant shall reimburse Kimberly for the legal expenses and engineer expenses incurred by Kimberly with regard thereto. After the actual costs are determined the applicant/appellant shall pay any additional costs prior to the final hearing on the matter. If any estimated costs paid at time of application submittal exceed the actual costs collected, then Kimberly shall reimburse the applicant/appellant the difference. (Ord. 631, 2016)