A.   When the mayor determines that any item of business requires action by the council, but is of a routine and noncontroversial nature, (s)he may cause such item to be presented at a regular meeting of the council as part of a consent calendar.
   B.   The consent calendar shall be introduced by a motion "to approve the consent calendar", and shall be considered by the council as a single item.
   C.   There shall be no debate or discussion by any member of the council regarding any item on the consent calendar, beyond asking questions for simple clarification.
   D.   On objection by any member of the council to inclusion of any item on the consent calendar, that item shall be removed from the consent calendar forthwith. Such objection may be recorded at any time prior to the taking of a vote on the motion to approve the consent calendar. All such items shall be considered individually, in the order in which they were objected to, immediately following consideration of the consent calendar.
   E.   Approval of the motion to approve the consent calendar shall be fully equivalent to approval, adoption or enactment of each motion, resolution, ordinance, or other item of business thereon, exactly as if each had been acted upon individually. Approval of the motion must be by roll call vote.
   F.   The city clerk shall record in the council minutes each item passed under the consent calendar individually and in full or if possible separately. (Ord. 457 §§ 1–6, 1994)