A.   Should the mayor not approve the ordinance he shall before the next regular meeting after such ordinance is presented to him for his approval, return the ordinance to the council with his objections in writing.
   B.   When any ordinance is so returned to the council by the mayor, it shall be reconsidered by the council at the first regular meeting thereafter. If, on such reconsideration, one-half (1/2) plus one of the members of the full council shall vote in the affirmative, the ordinance shall become a law notwithstanding the mayor's veto. The clerk, in such cases, shall annex a certificate to the ordinance stating the same was vetoed by the mayor and that, on its reconsideration, it received the required majority of votes.
   C.   Should the mayor refuse or neglect to sign such ordinance and return it with his objections in writing at the next regular meeting after it has been presented to him, it shall become law without his signature. The clerk shall annex to the ordinance a certificate to the effect that the mayor has failed to sign or veto the same, and it has therefore become a law without his signature. (Ord. 224 § 6, 1967)