A.   It shall be unlawful for any livestock to run at large within the city limits. If any livestock shall be found running at large contrary to the provisions of this chapter, an officer may impound and confine the same in a secure place or other place provided for that purpose and such animal(s) impounded and confined shall not be released until the owner or person entitled to the livestock pays all associated fees, expenses and charges.
   B.   If the owner of an animal does not pay the charges and lawfully take it away within five (5) days from the time it is taken into custody, the city may sell such animal at public auction after having given at least five (5) days' notices of the time and place of such sale by publishing said notice in the official newspaper of the city, as well as serving a copy of said notice upon the owner or possessor, if known, of said animal. Such animal may be redeemed at any time before the date of sale by payment to the city of any fees, expenses and charges. If the owner of any animal sold under the provisions of this section shall, at any time within one year from date of such sale, make satisfactory proof of ownership, such owner shall be entitled to receive the net profit of such sale after allowing for any applicable fees, expenses and charges.
   C.   Any animal seized and impounded under the provisions of this section shall be provided with proper care, food and water while confined by the Police Chief.
   D.   The police chief shall be allowed fees for seizing, impounding, and selling any animals under the provisions of this section as provided from time to time by council action.
(Ord. 609, 2014; amd. Ord. 666, 2021)