A.   Wherever any subdivision of land shall hereafter be laid out within the corporate limits of the village, or within contiguous territory not more than one and one-half (11/2) miles beyond the incorporated boundaries of the village, the subdivider thereof or his agent shall submit both a preliminary and a final subdivision plat to the village for its approval. The subdivision plats and all procedures relating thereto shall in all respects be in full compliance with these regulations.
   B.   Until final plats and plans for the subdivision are approved:
      1.   No land shall be subdivided, nor any street laid out, nor any improvements made to the natural land.
      2.   No lot, tract or parcel of land within any subdivision shall be offered for sale, nor shall any sale, contract for sale, or option be made or given.
      3.   No improvements such as water supply, storm water drainage, sanitary sewerage facilities, gas service, electric service, lighting, grading, paving or surfacing of streets shall hereafter be made by any owner or his agent, or by any public service corporation at the request of such owner or his agent.
   C.   For flood limits, surface water runoff, refer to the following:
      1.   Watershed development, title 4, chapter 6 of this code.
      2.   Floodplain protection maps: FEMA flood insurance rate map dated September 3, 1997.
      3.   The U.S. department of interior, U.S. geological survey, in cooperation with the northeastern Illinois plan commission. Said maps are made part of this regulation, including all supplements published by the U.S. geological survey.
The data are guidelines for officials of the community to determine the acceptability of any subdivision or development. Any use of the floodplain shall not reduce the area available for flooding purposes nor cause any hazard to surrounding properties.
      4.   Watershed development regulations, title 7, chapter 6 of this code adopting the Lake County watershed development ordinance. The village is a certified community working in participation with the Lake County storm water management commission.
      5.   Soil erosion and sediment control: See section 6-5-13 of this title. (Ord. 99-O-791, 6-7-1999)
   D.   All offerings or dedications of land to the village for use as streets, schools, parks, playgrounds or other public uses shall be referred to the plan commission/board of appeals for review and recommendation before being accepted by the village.
   E.   Where a tract of land proposed for subdivisions is part of a larger, logical subdivision unit in relation to the village as a whole, the plan commission/board of appeals shall, before approval, cause to be prepared a sketch plan for the entire area or neighborhood, such sketch plan to be used by the plan commission/board of appeals as an aid in judging the proposed plat. The subdivider shall prepare this sketch plan and shall furnish such surveys and data as may be necessary. (Ord. 99-O-791, 6-7-1999; amd. Ord. 05-O-942, 11-7-2005)
   F.   A legal lot of record shall not be further subdivided. (Ord. 03-O-880, 6-2-2003)