(A)   The Commission on Human Relations shall adopt such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the purposes and provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   Any person aggrieved in any manner by any violation of any provision of this chapter may file a written complaint setting forth his grievance with the Chairperson of the Commission on Human Relations who shall mark the date of filing thereon. Said complaint shall be filed within 120 days after the violation alleged in the complaint Said complaint shall state name and address of the complaint and of the persons against whom the complaint is brought and shall also state the alleged facts surrounding the alleged violation of this chapter.
   (C)   Said Commission is hereby fully authorized immediately to investigate any such complaint filed. If the Commission determines that the respondent has not engaged in any unlawful practice, it shall state its findings of fact in writing and dismiss the complaint. If the Commission determines, after such investigation that probable cause exists for the allegation made in the complaint, the Commission shall set a date for a conciliation conference. At such conference the Commission or a sub-committee of the Commission shall interview the complainant and the person against whom the complaint has been directed and shall attempt to resolve the complaint by all proper methods of conciliation and persuasion. If such attempts at conciliation are not successful within 60 days after the filing of the complaint, the Commission shall then proceed promptly with full hearing of the complaint.
   (D)   Such hearing shall be conducted by the Commission, or a sub-committee thereof, upon due and reasonable notice to all parties. The Commission shall have full power to subpoena witnesses and pertinent documents and to take sworn testimony. Any party alleged to have violated this chapter shall be entitled to be represented by counsel and shall have the right to call witnesses on his own behalf and to cross examine witnesses. At the conclusion of the hearings, the Commission shall make a written report and recommendations which shall be served by mail upon the complainant and respondent. No report shall be delayed more than 60 days after date of the issuance of notice for commencement of the first conciliation conference.
   (E)   A copy of said written report and recommendations shall be delivered by the City Council and if any act of discrimination has been determined, the report shall include a recommendation to the Council that the City Attorney prosecute any such person who has violated any of the provisions hereof.
('71 Code, § 7-7-6)  (Ord. 1540, passed 5-13-68)