(A)   It is hereby declared to be the policy of the city, in order to promote the general welfare of the community, to assure full and equal opportunity to all residents of the city in the obtaining of fair and adequate housing for themselves and their families without discrimination against them solely because of their race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry.
   (B)   It is further declared to be the policy of this city that, in a spirit of harmony, the City Council and its Commission on Human Relations shall endeavor to work with and cooperate with the home owner and realtors of the city to the end that the declared purpose of this chapter can be accomplished in an orderly, lawful and proper fashion.
   (C)   It is further declared to be in the best interests of these aims that real estate brokers, real estate salespersons and agents be licensed and regulated to the end to prohibit such discrimination in housing by any said agents.
('71 Code, § 7-7-1)  (Ord. 1540, passed 5-13-68)