The following sections of the aforesaid International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, 2015 edition, are hereby amended, deleted, or modified as hereinafter set forth:
Section Number
Section Title
Additions, Deletions and Modifications
Section Number
Section Title
Additions, Deletions and Modifications
Insert “the Village of Kenilworth, Cook County, Illinois” for “[name of jurisdiction]”.
Delete the subsection and substitute: “The provisions of this code shall apply to the construction, alteration, movement, renovation, replacement, repair and maintenance of residential swimming pools and residential spas. The pools and spas covered by this code are either permanent or temporary, and shall be only those that are designed and manufactured to be connected to a circulation system and that are intended for swimming, bathing or wading.”
Historic buildings.
Delete entire section.
Illinois Plumbing Code
Whenever a reference is made to the International Plumbing Code, such reference shall be deemed to refer to the applicable section of the Illinois Plumbing code, as adopted by the Village of Kenilworth.
Right of entry
Delete last sentence of section and substitute: “If entry is refused or permission to enter not otherwise obtained, the Building Commissioner shall have recourse to the remedies provided by law to secure entry.”
Department records
Delete entire section.
Delete section and substitute: “A permit shall expire if the work covered by the permit:
a.   is not commenced within six months after issuance of the permit, or
b.   is suspended or abandoned for a period of six months or more, or
c.   is not completed within 18 months after issuance of the permit, unless the work under the permit is limited to fences, impervious surfaces, or work with a value of less than $50,000, in which case the permit shall expire if the work is not completed within 12 months.
An extension must be applied for prior to the expiration of the permit for which extension is sought, and may be granted by the Building Commissioner because of delays resulting from strikes, fire, windstorm or other circumstances beyond the applicant’s control; provided, however, that no single extension shall exceed six months, and the total duration of all extensions granted shall not exceed 12 months. If no such extension is granted and the work is not completed, the applicant shall be required to apply for a new permit under the provisions of this Code. No permit fees shall be refunded because of the expiration of any permit pursuant to the provisions of this section. Fees for all extensions shall be in amounts established by the Board of Trustees by resolution from time to time.”
Fee schedule
Add the following sentence: “Fees are established by the Village of Kenilworth Board of Trustees by resolution from time to time.”
Fee refunds
Delete subsection.
Prosecution of violation
Delete section and substitute: “Any person failing to comply with a notice of violation or order served in accordance with Section 107 shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. If the notice of violation is not complied with, the Building Commissioner may institute the appropriate proceeding at law or in equity to restrain, correct, or abate such violation, or to require the removal or termination of the unlawful occupancy of the structure in violation of the provisions of this code or of the order or direction made pursuant thereto. Any action taken by the authority having jurisdiction on such premises may be charged against the real estate upon which the structure is located and may be a lien upon such real estate.”
Violation penalties
Delete entire section and substitute: “Any person violating any provision of this Code may be subject to the penalty provisions of § 10.99 of the Kenilworth Village Code, except where another specific penalty is provided.”
Section 108
Means of Appeals
Delete entire section.
Section 202
Add: “PRIVATE SWIMMING POOL - means a manmade rigid or semi-rigid receptacle for water having a depth at any point greater than 18 inches, used or intended to be used for swimming, wading or bathing and constructed, installed or maintained in or above the ground, and which is used exclusively by the owner or occupant of the lot or premises in the Village on which it is located, his or her family and his or her guests.”
Delete subsection and substitute: “Electrical requirements for residential swimming pools and residential spas shall be in accordance with the National Electrical Code - NFPA 70, 2014 edition, and as applicable in accordance with Section 102.7.”
Water service and drainage
Delete subsection and substitute: “Piping and fittings used for water service, makeup and drainage piping for residential swimming pools and spas shall comply with the State of Illinois Plumbing Code, 2014 or current edition. Fittings shall be approved for installation with the piping installed.”
Delete subsection and substitute: “The provisions of this section shall apply to the design of barriers for residential swimming pools and spas. These design controls are intended to provide protection against the potential drowning and near drowning by restricting access to such vessels. These requirements provide an integrated level of protection against potential drowning through the use of physical barriers and warning devices.
1.   Spas and hot tubs with a lockable safety cover that complies with ASTM F 1346.”
Add new subparagraph: A fence on an adjoining property or building or existing wall complying with the requirements in this section may be used as part of the enclosure, with the approval of the Building Commissioner, if the resultant enclosure is sufficient to make the pool inaccessible to small children. If at any time said existing fence or wall being used as part of the enclosure is removed, the enclosure of the pool shall immediately be made to meet the requirements of the section at the pool owner’s expense.”
(Ord. 1241, passed 4-15-2019)