The following sections of the aforesaid National Electrical Code, 2014 edition, are hereby amended, deleted or modified as hereinafter set forth:
Section Number
Section Title
Additions, Deletions and Modifications
Section Number
Section Title
Additions, Deletions and Modifications
Outdoor Lighting Guidelines
Add new subsection: “All outdoor lighting lampholders, fixtures, and other artificial light sources shall be installed, shielded, directed, and locked into position in accordance with outdoor lighting guidelines adopted from time by the Building Commissioner and otherwise so as to direct the light source, to the fullest extent reasonably practicable, away from neighboring residential properties and so as to minimize the amount and intensity of artificial fight that is directed or reflected onto or toward neighboring residential properties.”
Alterations to Special Occupancies
Add new subsection F: “When alterations to existing buildings are made resulting in a change in the number of occupant spaces (or tenant spaces), the following changes shall be made to their services:
(1)   When existing buildings with additional services are altered from multiple occupancies and combined into one occupant space all other services shall be removed and reduced to one service.
(2)   When subdividing existing single occupant spaces into multiple occupants, each occupant space shall be provided with its own electrical service. Circuits that originally crossed over into adjacent occupancy spaces shall be removed in their entirety, within the new space.”
Conductors and Services General
Add new subsection:
“A.   Service Entrance Conductors. Service entrance conductors shall be installed in rigid metal conduit or intermediate metal conduit with a panelboard containing not less than 20 circuits. The use of a sub-panel shall require the written approval of the Building Commissioner or his/her designee after submission and approval of complete load calculations. Mini breakers shall not be permitted.
B.   Service for new Single-family dwellings. All new single-family detached dwellings shall have a minimum 200-amp single phase service with the main disconnect located at the meter and at the main distribution panel.
   (1)   All service conductors shall be installed underground.
   (2)   System design drawings shall be submitted for all services greater than 200 amps at the time of permit application.
   (3)   Half-size breakers are not approved for use in new construction. In existing residential dwelling units half-size breakers are limited to manufacturer’s specifications. Half-size breakers shall not be permitted in existing commercial or industrial units.”
Wiring Methods for 1,000 Volts, Nominal, or Less
Amend to read as follows: “Service entrance conductors shall be installed in accordance with the applicable requirements of this code covering the type of wiring methods used and shall be limited to the following methods:
(1)   Rigid metal conduit (RMC)
(2)   Intermediate metal conduit (IMC)
(3)   Rigid nonmetallic conduit (RNC)”
Aluminum or Copper-Clad Aluminum Conductors
Amend as follows: “The grounding electrode conductor shall be copper. The use of aluminum or copper clad aluminum for the purpose of grounding is prohibited.”
Readily Accessible Location
Delete and substitute: “The service disconnecting means shall be installed at a readily accessible location on the exterior of all buildings or structures. Larger electrical services (over 1,000-amps, 3 Ph) can locate the service disconnecting means on the interior within the main distribution panel or switchgear.”
Connecting Receptacle Grounding Terminal to Box
At end of paragraph, add: “All receptacles to comply with this article.”
Aluminum Conductor Material
No aluminum or copper-clad aluminum wire shall be used, except as approved for commercial service to an electrical meter.
Article 320
Armored Cable: Type AC
Delete entire Article 320.
Article 322
Flat Cable Assemblies: Type FC
Delete entire Article 322.
Article 324
Flat Conductor Cable: Type FCC
Delete entire Article 324.
Article 334
Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable: Types NM, NMC, and NMS
Delete entire Article 334.
Article 338
Service-Entrance Cable: Types SE and USE
Delete entire Article 338.
Article 340
Underground Feeder and Branch- Circuit Cable: Type UF
Delete entire Article 340.
Uses Permitted
Amended by adding the following sentence: Flexible metal conduit shall not exceed six feet in length except by written approval by the Building Commissioner or his/her designee.
Article 362
Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing: Type ENT
Delete entire Article 362.
Article 378
Nonmetallic Wireways
Delete entire Article 378.
Article 382
Nonmetallic Extensions
Delete entire Article 382.
Article 388
Surface Nonmetallic Raceways
Delete entire Article 388.
Article 394
Concealed Knob-and-tube Wiring
Delete entire Article 394.
Article 398
Open Wiring on Insulators
Delete entire Article 398.
Luminaries (Fixtures) in Clothes Closets
In dwelling units, all closets that are at least 23 inches deep and all utility rooms and pantries, shall be illuminated.
Disconnection Signage
Add the following subsection: “When stationary generators are provided and installed remotely from the exterior main means of electrical service disconnect, signage identifying the presence of a generator shall be permanently placed immediately next to the building’s main means of electrical service disconnect, meter and switch gear, reading as follows: “WARNING! THIS ELECTRICAL SERVICE IS EQUIPPED WITH AN AUTOMATIC BACKUP GENERATOR. REMOVING THE METER OR DISCONNECTING THE SERVICE MAY CAUSE THE GENERATOR TO START WITHOUT NOTICE. GENERATOR LOCATION INDICATES BELOW [] NORTH, [] SOUTH, [] EAST, [] WEST, DO NOT REMOVE THIS DECAL (Electrical contractor’s name and phone number)”, or similar wording (or color) as approved by the Fire Code Official. Size must have a red or orange border and a minimum size is 4-inches x 6-inches.”
Article 547
Agricultural Buildings
Delete entire Article 547.
Article 550
Mobile Homes, Manufactured homes, and Mobile Home Parks
Delete entire Article 550.
Article 551
Recreational Vehicles and Recreational Vehicle Parks
Delete entire Article 551.
Article 553
Floating Buildings
Delete entire Article 553.
Low Voltage Wiring
Add new section: Low voltage wiring for residential furnace or HVAC equipment shall be installed in conduit in areas made inaccessible by building construction or where subject to damage.
Annex H
Administration and Enforcement
Amended by deleting the following sections and subsections:
a.   80.2 Definitions. Chief Electrical Inspector.
b.   80.15 Electrical Board. Delete subsections (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) and (H).
c.   80.19(D) Annual permits.
d.   80.19(F)(3) Inspections.
e.   80.19(F)(4) Approvals.
f.   230.11 Overhead Service-drop conductors.”
(Ord. 726, passed 4-14-1986; Ord. 1010, passed 4-13-2009; Ord. 1241, passed 4-15-2019)