The following sections of the aforesaid International Mechanical Code, 2015 edition, are hereby amended, deleted or modified as hereinafter set forth:
Section Number
Section Title
Additions, Deletions and Modifications
Insert “the Village of Kenilworth, Cook County, Illinois” for “[name of jurisdiction].”
Fee schedule
Delete sentence and delete bracketed text and substitute “Fees established by the Village of Kenilworth Board of Trustees by resolution from time to time.”
Fee refunds
Delete subsection.
Violation penalties
Delete entire subsection.
Enclosure of exterior elements
Add new subsection: “Except as hereinafter provided, the portion of any metal or factory-built chimney rising above the roof of the building, and any other part of such chimney to be located, in whole or in part, on the exterior of the building shall be enclosed in a fire resistance-rated shaft constructed in accordance with the shaft requirements of the building code. The exterior surfaces of such shaft shall be covered with a material, or shall be painted and maintained, so that the exterior of the shaft shall present an attractive appearance consistent with the architectural style, construction, and materials of the building. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the exterior shaft required by this section shall not be required to cover any chimney cap, hood, screen, or other device installed at the top of a metal chimney and intended to increase draft, control sparks or ashes, protect the chimney from the elements, or prevent the entry into the chimney of birds, insects, and animals. Solely for purposes of this application of any requirement of this code relating to the termination height of a chimney, any exterior shaft required by this section shall not be considered part of the building or roof.”
(Ord. 725, passed 4-14-1986; Ord. 1010, passed 4-13-2009; Ord. 1241, passed 4-15-2019)