(A)   Every person supplied by the village with water shall, at his or her own expense, keep in repair all service pipes and appurtenances leading from the village water main to his or her meter and prevent waste of water from those mains, service pipes and appurtenances.
   (B)   Every water main leading from village water main which is installed to serve a private fire hydrant, is hereby designated a private water main, and every owner of private premises for whose protection from fire the private water main is or may be installed, shall at his or her own expense, keep the private water main and the private fire hydrant served thereby and all appurtenances thereto, in repair and prevent waste of water from the private water main, private fire hydrant and all appurtenances thereto.
   (C)   If leaks between the village mains and the meter, or in a private water main or private fire hydrant, are not repaired within two days after notice is served either upon the owner or person in possession, charge or control of the premises, in person or by mail, the Director of Public Works may shut off the water until proper repairs have been made; provided, however, that if in the opinion of the Superintendent, the leak is of sufficient size to require that service be shut off sooner, he or she may shut off the service without notice until the repair is made. No reduction shall be made from the regular rates as billed on account of leaking pipes, private water mains, hydrants or fixtures.
(1959 Code, § 38-18) (Ord. 554, passed 11-14-1966)