This subchapter is granted subject to all conditions, limitations, and immunities now provided for, or as hereafter amended, and applicable to the operations of a public utility, by the laws of the State of Minnesota. The rates to be charged by grantee for service within the present or future corporate limits of grantor and the rules and regulations regarding the character, quality and standards of service to be furnished by grantee shall be under the jurisdiction and control of such regulatory body or bodies as may, from time to time, be vested by law with authority and jurisdiction over the rates, regulations and quality and standards of service to be supplied by grantee. Provided, however, should any judicial, regulatory or legislative body, having proper jurisdiction, take any action that precludes grantee from recovering from its customers any cost associated with services provided hereunder, then grantee and grantor shall renegotiate the terms of this subchapter in accordance with the action taken, so as to allow grantee to be made whole economically. In determining the rights and duties of the grantee, the terms of this franchise subchapter shall take precedence over any conflicting terms or requirements contained in any other article enacted by the grantor
(Prior Code, § 7-30) (Ord. 781, passed - -)