A.   No occupied recreational vehicle shall be located in a residential zone anywhere within the county except as follows:
      1.   Within a:
         a.   Recreational vehicle park (see chapter 18 of this title);
         b.   Manufactured/mobile home park subject to the requirements of chapters 17 and 18 of this title; or
         c.   Designated camping area; or
      2.   As allowed by this article.
   B.   A recreational vehicle may be occupied seasonally if the following terms are complied with:
      1.   No more than two (2) recreational vehicles are located on the property whether occupied or unoccupied;
      2.   The recreational vehicle is not occupied more than six (6) consecutive months in any calendar year;
      3.   No rent or other form of payment is charged or received;
      4.   The recreational vehicle shall comply with the required setbacks for the zone;
      5.   The recreational vehicle is connected to the culinary water system;
      6.   The holding tanks and any wastewater are emptied using an approved on site septic system; no more than two (2) recreational vehicles shall be hooked up to a single septic system;
      7.   The power is connected in accordance with all applicable safety standards;
      8.   The recreational vehicle is:
         a.   Removed from the property when not occupied,
         b.   Vacated and removed from the property after six (6) months of occupation in any calendar year, or
         c.   Unoccupied and stored according to section 9-6E-4 of this article;
      9.   The recreational vehicle is licensed and ready for highway use.
      10.   If the recreational vehicle will be used for less than fourteen (14) consecutive days, section 9-6E-3B.5. and 9-6E-3B.6 do not apply.
   C.   Upon application of the landowner, the Land Use Authority may approve a temporary use permit for the occupation of more than two (2) recreational vehicles on one residential property depending upon the size and contour of the property, if the property is one acre or larger.
   D.   Upon application of the landowner, the Land Use Authority may approve a temporary use permit for the occupation of recreational vehicles on one residential property for a period exceeding six (6) months but not more than nine (9) months in any calendar year.
   E.   If living in a recreational vehicle while building a home, a building permit must be issued before a temporary use permit can be granted. A temporary use permit allowing occupation of a recreational vehicle while building a home may be authorized for more than nine (9) months so long as the building permit remains active. The Land Use Administrator or the Zoning Administrator shall review the permit annually and may reauthorize the permit for an additional year if the building permit is still active.
   F.   The Land Use Authority may deny, approve, or approve with additional requirements any application submitted under subsection C or D of this section.
   G.   The temporary permit shall state the number of recreational vehicles authorized if more than two (2) and the dates that the vehicles will be on the property if for more than six (6) months.
   H.   Any failure to comply with this section is grounds for immediate revocation of the temporary use permit and immediate removal of the recreational vehicle unless the recreational vehicle complies with another section of this article.
   I.   Note: Individual lots may belong to a homeowners' association or have restrictive covenants which have greater restrictions regarding recreational vehicles. Nothing in this article shall be construed as to prevent private enforcement of any restrictive covenants or HOA rules. (Ord. 2013-9, 9-23-2013, eff. 10-8-2013; amd. Ord. 2014-15, 7-28-2014; Ord. O-2019-4, 3-25-2019; Ord. 2020-17, 8-24-2020)