Sec. 14-684. - Scope and exclusions.
   (a)   Geographical scope of regulated land-disturbing activity. This article shall apply to land-disturbing activity within the territorial jurisdiction of Johnston County and to the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the towns as allowed by agreement between local governments or other appropriate legal instrument or law.
   (b)   Exclusions from regulated land-disturbing activity. Notwithstanding the general applicability of this article to all land-disturbing activity, this article shall not apply to the following types of land-disturbing activity:
      (1)   Any activity, including breeding and grazing of livestock, undertaken on agricultural land for the production of plants and animals useful to man, including, but not limited to:
         a.   Forage and sod crops, grain and feed crops, tobacco, cotton, and peanuts.
         b.   Dairy animals and dairy products.
         c.   Poultry and poultry products.
         d.   Livestock, including beef cattle, sheep, swine, horses, ponies, mules, and goats.
         e.   Bees and apiary products.
         f.   Fur producing animals.
         g.   Mulch, ornamental plants, and other horticultural products. For purposes of this section, “mulch” means substances composed primarily of plant remains or mixtures of such substances.
      (2)   An activity undertaken on forestland for the production and harvesting of timber and timber products and conducted in accordance with best management practices set out in Forest Practice Guidelines Related to Water Quality, as adopted by the department. If land-disturbing activity undertaken on forestland for the production and harvesting of timber and timber products is not conducted in accordance with Forest Practice Guidelines Related to Water Quality, the provisions of this article shall apply to such activity and any related land-disturbing activity on the tract.
      (3)   An activity for which a permit is required under the Mining Act of 1971, Article 7 of Chapter 74 of the General Statutes.
      (4)   A land-disturbing activity over which the State has exclusive regulatory jurisdiction as provided in G.S. 113A-56(a).
      (5)   An activity which is essential to protect human life during an emergency.
      (6)   Activities undertaken to restore the wetland functions of converted wetlands to provide compensatory mitigation to offset impacts permitted under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act.
      (7)   Activities undertaken pursuant to Natural Resources Conservation Service standards to restore the wetlands functions of converted wetlands as defined in Title 7 Code of Federal Regulations § 12.2
   (c)   Plan approval requirement for land-disturbing activity. No person shall undertake any land-disturbing activity subject to this article without first obtaining a plan approval therefor from Johnston County.
   (d)   Protection of property. Persons conducting land-disturbing activity shall take all reasonable measures to protect all public and private property from damage caused by such activity.
   (e)   More restrictive rules shall apply. Whenever conflicts exist between federal, state, or local laws, ordinance, or rules, the more restrictive provision shall apply.
   (f)   Plan approval exceptions. Notwithstanding the general requirement to obtain a plan approval prior to undertaking land-disturbing activity, a plan approval shall not be required for land-disturbing activity that does not exceed one acre (43,560 square feet) in surface area, or less than one acre but not a part of a larger common plan of development. In determining the area, lands under one or diverse ownership being developed as a unit will be aggregated.
(Ord. of 6-3-2013; Amend. of 12-13-2023)