A.   Commission Created: There is hereby created within and for the city a planning commission, which said commission shall consist of five (5) citizens of the city as hereinafter provided. The members of said commission shall be nominated and appointed solely with reference to their fitness and without reference to party affiliation, and shall serve without compensation except as hereinafter provided. (1985 Code ch. 16 § 1-1)
   B.   Appointment; Approval: The mayor shall appoint the members of the city planning commission subject to approval and confirmation by the city council. (1985 Code ch. 16 § 1-5)
   C.   Ex Officio Members: The vice mayor and the city building official shall be ex officio members of the city planning commission, but shall receive no compensation other than their affixed salary as said officials. (1985 Code ch. 16 § 1-3)